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Date : 14/04/2021

Linen Customer Service 1300 477 546

Our very experienced and knowledgeable Linen Customer Service Team is available 7.30am Ė 3.30pm daily.
They can quickly and easily rectify any ordering or customer service issues you may be experiencing.
Please donít hesitate to contact our friendly staff on our Linen Customer Service line on 1300 477 546 .
For any urgent or serious issues please request an escalation to a Senior Manager.

Date : 11/12/2020    Trolleys on your Site need to be returned to Linen Services
Please note the attached Memo outlining the importance of returning trolleys in a timely manner to your Linen Service. Failure to do so could impact Linen Services ability to fulfil your order 100%. We very much appreciate your assistance with this. Thank You. HealthShare NSW Linen Services Team, please email the Customer Service Team HSNSW-LinenOrders@health.nsw.gov.au or call us on our Customer Service number 1300 477 546.

Date : 26/08/2020    COVID -19 Update July 2020
For your Information - Procurement and Supply Chain information for Customers.

All Local Health Districts contacts with procurement responsibilities have been informed and a Supply Triage Team has been established to address all PPE / theatre attire queries from our customers - contact details are in the attached document.

Please do not use microwave ovens to warm any linen as the linen now has embedded "R F I D" microchips with small metal antennas that can ignite inside a microwave. Please use convectional warming ovens only. Please refer to attachment for more information on this.

Date : 03/05/2018    Phasing out the faxing of Linen Orders
Please note: Linen services would like to work with you to eliminate the faxing of orders. We will be progressively contacting all customers who are currently faxing orders to assist you moving to online ordering.

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